Private Guided Safaris is a small safari company that specialises in individually tailored safaris privately guided by Anthony Kaschula into twelve different African countries.


From experience gained over a decade working in the safari industry across Africa we believe that the single most important aspect of any safari experience is the quality of one's guide. We also strongly believe that the advantages of having a professional guide personally accompany you throughout the duration of your safari greatly outweigh the relatively low additional costs for this highly personal service.

Whilst all safari camps have resident guides to spot and identify game, a private guide does far more than this. Having identified the individual interests and needs of each member in your group they set the rhythm of the entire safari by unveiling layer upon layer the secrets and magic of the bush as the safari unfolds.

In addition to this a private guide's intimate knowledge of each camp and area that he takes his guests to allows him to concentrate on the highlights that each area has to offer. Similarly, many resident guides have very little idea of what may be on offer at the next camp or what information a guest may previously have been told by a guide from their previous camp.

The presence of a private guide whose sole focus is your genuine comfort, care and safety also allows for spontaneous and flexible scheduling of your activities around your own needs and interests.

Anyone who has been fortunate to have experienced the magic of Africa with a private guide will no doubt insist on returning to safari with a guide with whom they will have built up a relationship and more often than not these relationships develop into lifelong friendships.

A safari holiday can be one of the most expensive holidays you may go on. As a result, if you have to reduce expenses rather reduce the duration of your safari or choose a less luxurious camp, than stay in a luxury camp and forego a private guide. This is something you will not regret.