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Luxury is in the experience 

There are about as many different types of lodges and camps as one’s wildest imagination can conceive. These range from sophisticated luxury lodges to rustic bush camps and everything in between.


On all of our safaris we tend to use small private lodges and camps that offer a more intimate safari experience and are chosen according to individual guests' needs and interests. Owing to the huge amount of choice and wide range of different types of accommodations on offer we have created three general categories into which any lodge or camp fits into, based on their services and facilities. It is therefore up to you to choose what level of accommodation is most suited to your needs & interests and your overall travel budget.


As a general rule of thumb, the remoter the location the better the wilderness aspect (a very important part of coming all the way to Africa), however the trade-off for this is the added expense of getting people, equipment and supplies into and out of these remote areas making them a little more expensive than what one might expect for the facilities offered.


Funnily enough, the closer we are to nature, whilst sacrificing some of the creature comforts that we are accustomed to, the happier we tend to be. For many, being on safari is one of the few times in their lives where it's legitimately OK to be disconnected from the technology that rules our day-to-day lives.


From a cost point of view, one can expect to pay approximately $900.00 per person per night for a privately guided safari itinerary using mid-range/rustic properties and upwards of $1500.00 for higher end/luxury properties. This rate includes the services of a private guide, accommodation, meals, drinks, activities, park fees & internal air charters from one lodge/camp to another.



safari styles 


Luxury in an African safari context usually refers to a camp or lodge in which guest rooms are spacious and tastefully furnished and have en suite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, flush toilets and a bathtub or shower. Iced drinks, a selection of wines at three course meals, 24-hour electricity, a swimming pool and complimentary laundry service are also usually present.




One tier below luxury, Rustic refers to camps or lodges that have comfortable rooms or tents usually with en-suite bathrooms, running water and flush toilets but do not have the finer details of a luxury camp such as 24-hour electricity and spa facilities. Meals are wholesome but may not be three courses and wines and other drinks may be limited in their variety.




On Adventure safaris we are normally accommodated in a fairly basic self contained camp that travels with us by vehicle, boat or canoe or on some occasions may be carried by a team of porters. Whilst facilities are fairly basic, bathing facilities, comfortable beds and wholesome meals come standard.


One becomes a part of the action rather than a spectator which makes these trips extremely rewarding and enjoyable safaris as guests often muck in and get involved with different aspects of the safari from helping to set up camp to scrubbing pots with elephant dung on the riverbank!


private guided safaris

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