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camel safari, northern frontier district, kenya

what are you in the mood for? adventure is right in front of you...

There are a myriad of activities that one can incorporate into the short duration of a safari all depending on one's interests and how adventurous one is. A safari can have a single main focus such as wildlife photography or walking or be a multifaceted journey of discovery incorporating canoeing, hot air ballooning, horse riding and hiking.


The presence of a private guide makes it possible to participate in out of the ordinary activities that are not normally on offer to regular guests.


"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." Garth Thompson, Guide’s Guide to Guiding

family Fun

Visiting Africa with your children (and grandchildren) could be one of the most memorable, fun and educational holidays you ever take as a family. We tailor all of our itineraries to ensure that everyone in the group is having a ball...

break a sweat

Whether from adrenaline or physical exercise we are active people and enjoy nothing better than creating itineraries that include some level of physical activity - be it hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, horse riding or having to scramble up the nearest tree to avoid an irate black rhino to name a few...

local cultures

Our journeys can include insights into local cultures and peoples. These enriching experiences are often the highlight of many of our guests journeys. 

the great apes

Taking a pilgrimage into one’s own evolutionary history is an unbelievably poignant and memorable experience but typically doesn’t require more than five days. As a result, trekking mountain gorillas is usually an ‘add on’ to a wildlife focussed safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

 wet a line

If fishing is your passion then we’ll do our best to arrange an opportunity for you to wet a line – or we can customise your entire safari itinerary with fishing being the primary focus.

hot air ballooning Loisaba Kenya

walking safari

This is our main area of specialisation and we pride ourselves in offering some of the most intimate wildlife experiences possible whilst on foot.


"Guides come in many forms. There are driver guides, pilot guides, canoeing guides and, most skilled of all, the walking guides who will lead you on foot into wilderness areas populated by dangerous large game. The latter two categories must be totally in tune with the environment..."

John-Warburton Lee

off the map

For guests who have travelled with us before we offer ‘beyond the infinity pool’ adventures to new and exciting destinations hot off the press... note, you’ll need to have travelled with us at least once to crack the nod on these highly exciting adventures...

private guided safaris

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