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sue mcnally- zimbabwe

sept 2012


The waxy perfection of the Sabi Star; from the tranquil splendour of the Chilojo Cliffs to the ever-changing scenes on the banks of the Runde. Ant’s enthusiasm for nature is matched only by his knowledge; we saw so much on our walks that, without his expert eye, we would otherwise have missed. And what a pleasure, after a long hot walk, to relax in the camp, with an ice-cold drink and delicious snacks! The meals were excellent – varied and tasty. We were pampered by the staff, so that even the dreaded call of “Time to get up!” at 5:00 was made more than bearable by the thought of the delicious breakfast, ready and waiting, to speed us on our way to another adventure. Anyone who’s looking for excitement, enjoyment, and an opportunity to experience one of the lesser-known glories of Zimbabwe, will find all this and more on a walking safari with Ant!

emily crookes-zimbabwe





I have had the great pleasure now of enjoying two safaris in Gonarezhou with Gonarezhou Bushcamps based out of static camps. The latter afforded us a high degree of comfort in terms of facilities and the beauty of our surroundings. Static camping impacted little on our ability to get out and about around the Park. They lend themselves to a considerable amount of flexibility in terms of the activities that can be chosen, depending on the mood of the group on any single day. Some of our activities were lengthy and saw us spending considerable time away from the camp, whilst others had us returning to the camp to recharge our batteries over the heat of the day. Each day, whatever the activity, was always gloriously concluded with sundowner contemplation of one of Gonarezhou’s gorgeous scenic treasures. For those less keen on the rugged, it was great to know that good ablution facilities were there to greet us at the end of the day. Furthermore, the static camp locations in themselves are in beautiful spots which simply beg hours of wonderful contemplation and relaxation. The standards of the safaris have both been excellent in so many ways – Ant’s knowledge and experience meant that we all learnt so much in our different areas of interest; the accommodation was of a high standard, as was the food and care afforded us by the safari staff; and our security was looked out for. There now seems to me to be no other way to experience Gonarezhou.Thank-you.

What Guests have to say

barbara gro-wahlstrom - sweden

july 2013


Dear Ant and Rawana,

Here I love letter to you for your part in creating the aura around a trip that, for me, was as symbolic as it was real.

Even today, my senses, memories, understanding and appreciation for what I experienced have a profound part in my daily thoughts. I did not know what to expect, and I did not expect be so effected, after the trip, by the absolute specialness of spending time with you Ant, in Zimbabwe, in the bush.

I hear myself describe to my friends what was so special and what stands out first and foremost: Gonarezhou. I even think I can say it properly now! How lucky we were to have you show us what you thought is the essence of Africa, Zimbabwe, the wildlife and the nature. I loved the fact that the animals are "wild" in Gonarezhou, the influence of human traffic so minimal, the landscape so gorgeous, and the evidence of life and death so pure. Where else could we have had this experience, shared with such personal attachment to this outstanding place? You guided us into the earth, under the stones, you showed us the smallest of details, we learned to listen, smell, touch, track, observe, respect, and show reverence for a delicate and threatened way of life. 

This is what I brought back with me. This is what I cannot forget.

In my art studio, the safari, African influence is not yet as visual as I thought it might be. It is though, the simplicity of nature, the "rightness" of life, the sun rise, the sun set, warmth, cold,  the act of birth and of death. I feel new calmness, awareness and appreciation.

And what about the 5-star service!? All our camps were beyond my expectations--the smiles, care, comfort, style, FOOD--all presented and shared outside. For us northern hemisphere city critters, life in the bush, these bushes, was hard to leave! I guess we wished we were safari guides too.

I speak for my family also--Dain is noticing the smallest creatures in her path, Seuss said on the trip "I love my life", Josh has has not landed in reality, Weiling is setting up and managing our photo albums, and Paul continues to be grateful during a stressful year. The trip has given us a common bond made of smiles, love, and magic!

Well, there. I guess you get my point. I know our paths will cross again. I also want to spend more time in Gonarezhou and be witness to a time and place so very rare. 

Thank you both for your energy, style, generosity and abilities. 

Until later,

Love and Namaste

Barbara (the Barbs)

stefanie ruff - uk

august 2013


Hi Rawana,

I have spoken to Mr Alexander yesterday and he had the most amazing time ever and absolutely loved his safari with Ant!

He said it was refreshing to safari with Ant as he is sooo knowledgeable, enthusiastic and well educated and just perfect and also great to have a younger guide (compared to the Robin Popes for example) who is as good as some of the older ones he has been with, so really thought it was amazing.

He also commented that Ant took more risks with regards to getting closer to the game, but also said risk is not the right word as he can read the game so well and he felt 100% save and comfortable on foot with Ant J

He loved it so much he actually wants to come back next year!

Chris Lindsay - New York





Thanks for what will undoubtedly be remembered as a trip of a lifetime (although it was so good I hope to do at least a few more!)  Everything was top notch.  Starting with your help in 'making a plan' to the flawless logistics, and perfectly chosen venues.  Your knowledge of the landscapes, regions, people, animals and history made it a truly spectacular and educational trip.  -  I've seen some incredible places all over the world, and have been on some terrific adventures and this one will surely remain near the top.  Thanks for everything!

Dave, Frances and Jamie Finlayson - U.K.

august 2010



Now we are unfortunately back in the ‘real’ world I thought it was time to send a note to you and Rawana to thank you for the most fantastic time we had in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The itinerary was excellent and we really enjoyed relaxing at Indigo Bay at the end. You were the perfect hosts and undoubtedly the best experience was at your camp with excellent guiding and entertainment from you and Rob combined with Rawana’s superb cooking!

Once again very many thanks.


Kirsten Huesch & Martin Windle -Wales October 2012




Hi Ant! We are slowly settling back in at home - it feels very strange not being in the bush and it was quite a shock being surrounded by so many people, buildings etc. Luckily, we have lots of photos and great memories to keep us going until the next time... We wanted to say a massive thank-you for the amazing time we had with you! We loved every minute of it (yes, even the getting rained on bit :-)) and really appreciate that you shared with us what is surely one of the most special places on the planet! Hopefully, we will be able to return at some point for more adventures! And in the meantime we will spread the word about beautiful Zimbabwe! Please say hi and also a big thank you to all the guys at camp! Take care & hope to see you again!

René and Gail Hochreiter- South Africa

aug 2011



“The holiday we had at Ant and Rawana’s camp on the banks of the Runde River and the sights, game viewing and fly fishing that we experienced in Gonarezhou Park were of the best we have ever encountered in Africa. Their thoughtfulness in catering to our every comfort, Rawana’s excellent cuisine, the friendly camp staff, the evening drinks around the fire in the Runde river bed with elephant and buffalo drinking close by, the magnificent red cliffs in the sunset, Ant’s intricate knowledge of the animals and their interaction with the bush and trees and particularly, catching two new species of fish on fly, with crocs and hippos close by made this holiday very special for me and Gail. Thank you".

suzanne tory & stuart Smith-bermuda

march 2012


Dear Ant,
A few words of thanks for a magical trip to Gonarezhou! What a serendipitous meeting last year in Hwange where you briefly mentioned to our guide that you ran a bush camp in the south. Eager to go walking again this year, we contacted you, and from that first moment, we knew the trip would be good. So many businesses don’t appreciate the importance of first impressions, but your immediate, in-depth response to our initial inquiry gave us great confidence, and that never wavered in all subsequent correspondence.
While making the arrangements is a very important part, delivering the goods is key – and you did so in spades! From the moment we saw the site of the camp, with our tents nestled under trees along the banks of the Runde River, we knew we had made an excellent choice. The effort you and Rawana have taken in stylishly furnishing the camp, providing every comfort while not losing the bush camp feel did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The food was especially enjoyed! Every meal was carefully planned and all delicious. It still remains a complete mystery to me how you can serve such superb meals from a camp fire and a tin box oven, and salads, fresh fruit and yogurts when we were miles from anywhere. We have stayed in many tented camps, and yours stands out.
At the end of the day, however, whether you have a good trip or an outstanding trip depends on the park and the guide. Gonarezhou is a hidden gem. The scenery is spectacular, from the Chilojo cliffs, to the banks of the rivers, and provides wonderfully varied landscapes for walking over six days. We found the game to be plentiful and far less skittish than what we experienced on foot in Hwange. The opportunities in Gonarezhou abound, and our night at the fly-camp on the sandbank under the stars will be a special memory always. But Ant, it was your extensive knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm which truly made the trip for us. From the trees to the birds, to the bugs to the plants, you were always able to make it interesting and informative. It was a spectacular trip – easily one of the very best we have taken in many years of travelling through Africa.
You were good enough to make suggestions and all the arrangements for the various stops on our self-drive trip through Zimbabwe which could not gone better. After so many years of limited tourists, everyone we met, from the staff in the lodges, to gas station attendants to police at road blocks could not have been friendlier or more welcoming. I am sure the growth of tourism in Zimbabwe will bring many, many new guests to Gonarezhou Bush Camps where they will be assured a magnificent trip under your care. Please make sure, however, that you save a place for us, because we will most definitely be back!
All the very best,
Stuart and Suzanne 

James Robertson, Executive Chairman, The Original Ker & Downey Safaris - Kenya

aug 2011



Dear Rawana and Ant, 

What a pleasure to first of all finally get to Gonarezhou. It has always been high on my list of places to go in Africa. There can be few places in Africa that remain with such a fantastic wilderness feel combined with raw beauty. I was so surprised to see the amount of wildlife. It seems that even the poachers have forgotten this corner of Africa. Long may that last and that is where you both will play an incredibly important role. Eyes on the ground and Ant's love of the area with Frankfurt's arrival to support conservation hold up great hope.

There can be few more spectacular views from a campsite in Africa. The Chilojo cliffs from camp or sitting overlooking the whole area are a spectacular feature. The freedom to walk all day, fish for bream and Tiger on the river, fly camp where we felt like is hard to match anywhere in Africa..."

"....One thing remains: your food was a match for all the finest camps in Africa, even with the wonderful simplicity of camp. Do not lose that.

Thanks to you both for a break in my season that has re-energised me,



Chris Lindsey - USA

sept 2011



Thanks for what will undoubtedly be remembered as a trip of a lifetime (although it was so good I hope to do at least a few more!)  Everything was top notch.  Starting with your help in 'making a plan' to the flawless logistics, and perfectly chosen venues.  Your knowledge of the landscapes, regions, people, animals and history made it a truly spectacular and educational trip.  -  I've seen some incredible places all over the world, and have been on some terrific adventures and this one will surely remain near the top.  Thanks for everything!

Marcy Balderson - USA






How does one begin to thank you for taking us on and giving us an opportunity to see, feel, smell, hear and taste Botswana through your senses?


Every single thing you did was done to make our experience here just that more special, and you succeeded, my friend.


Your knowledge of the birds, animals, behaviour, habitat; the Bots and Zim people and how it all fits together. You kept us laughing and repeating ‘Antisms’ throughout the day and night.


Your organisational skills and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING was phenomenal. I am sure there were also many “behind the scenes” rearranging that took place of which I had no knowledge.

I go home with a love of Botswana and do plan on returning, but Zimbabwe next time.


I love how you fit in so perfectly with my family – you were like one of my kids...God, when I think back to how much we depended on you and trusted your every decision – thank you again for giving us that confidence. 





Jacq & Dylan Spiro-Balderson - USA

September 2011



Dear Ant,


It has been such a pleasure to spend our African holiday in your car. Your knowledge and experience have added great depth to the word ‘safari’. Your humour and kindness invited our family to embrace the small gifts of Africa to the largest beasts of the world. We are grateful to have shared this time with you and blessed with our new friendship.


Many thanks and blessings,

Erica & Tim Murray - USA 

sept 2011





Thank you for sharing with us an appreciation for this land that you know inside and out! The depth of your knowledge and compassion for your ‘work’ is only exceeded by your wicked sense of humour and boyish charm.


We look forward to our next adventure with you.


All the best, 

Bert Reitter - Austria

May 2011


In April and May of 2011, we spent 30 days on a photographic Safari in Zimbabwe's Hwange Game Park, as well as in several locations in Botswana, including the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. This was my 9th and, exclusively due to our guide, Anthony (Ant) Kaschula, my very best photo-safari in Africa. Our experience was greatly enhanced by Ant's almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of this region, his efficiency of operation in all he undertook, and his constant good and joyful mood.

His beautifully maintained Land Cruiser (including his superb driving skill), all his supplied camping equipment and his obvious competence gave us always a sense of comfort and security. The meals Ant provided were always well prepared, tasty and plentiful.

What else can I say about this premier guide of African Safaris? Only this: I will never go on another safari without Ant Kaschula as my guide and friend.

Derek and Russell De la Harpe  - South Africa

April 2011



Thank you so much for the great walking trip in Gonarezhou.  Having lived just up the road all those years, it is a special place for us.  But with our hectic existence at the moment, it would be impossible to arrange a visit to the Park.  So, your invitation was most welcome and we loved being in the Gonarezhou again, seeing the places we used to frequent.  It is great to see the Park being 'used' again, after being forgotten for so many years.  I have always said that Gonarezhou's greatest asset is its wildness and I can't see that changing soon...

Great company, beautiful country, genuine wilderness, comfortable camping: what more could you ask for?

Andrew Duncan -  Australia

September 2010


Hi Ant and Rawana

I hope this email finds you fit and well - we certainly are. Having spent four weeks travelling through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, I must say that everything went exceptionally well on the trip and everything and I mean everything went exactly to schedule - unbelievable when we had heard all about African time.

You have a beautiful spot in Gonarezhou and your camp was very comfortable and beautifully situated - you won't get much passing traffic dropping in for a chat! The game was initially a little scarce but this improved as the days progressed - every day is so different as you well know.  As you also well know a big factor with viewing game and especially the cat family is the ability to be able to travel off the tracks and follow their spoor etc which became quite evident when talking to other people on safari who were never able to get near the game - this especially applies in Gonarezhou where the wildlife is very unused to traffic and much wilder than many other locations.  Your walking treks obviously overcome this aspect which in the area, I believe with your skills and energy and Rawana's support, you wish to develop - I must say we all thoroughly enjoyed our walks and this concept. 

I cannot thank you and Rawana enough for your excellent organisation on our behalf and really everything ran like clockwork - and this is apart from the wonderful time we all had which I'm sure we will remember for a very long time. 

If I can be of any assistance for references and any other info for any likely customers from this part of the globe I would only be too happy to oblige. They may contact me direct if you wish.

I hope we will keep in contact in the future and we will be most interested to hear what path and progress your business is taking.  Needless to say if you are ever contemplating a trip to this neck of the woods, be sure to get in contact

Again many thanks from us all.

Dave, Frances and Jamie Finlayson - United Kingdom August 2010



Now we are unfortunately back in the ‘real’ world I thought it was time to send a note to you and Rawana to thank you for the most fantastic time we had in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The itinerary was excellent and we really enjoyed relaxing at Indigo Bay at the end. You were the perfect hosts and undoubtedly the best experience was at your camp with excellent guiding and entertainment from you and Rob combined with Rawana’s superb cooking!

Once again very many thanks.


John Barry-  USA

July 2010


After spending two weeks with the Barry Family, I am sure you and Rawana figured out that we love adventures and the chance to share new experiences together.  There is nothing more satisfying than to escape the daily routine and witness the pure joy and genuine love in your family as they experience something new and enjoy the time together.  It’s something that you work for and dream of and every now and then; you feel blessed when you have that perfect moment.  It seems like it all comes together and all of your work and effort seems to be worthwhile.  That “perfect moment” usually comes in an instant – a snapshot of time if you will and I am happy each and every time it happens.  Just imagine how one would feel when that “perfect moment” is sustained joy and happiness for two straight weeks.  Most would say that’s impossible – but they haven’t experienced an adventure with Private Guided Safaris.

I must admit that when Anne suggested the safari in Africa I was totally against it. I thought there were so many other adventures that our family could take that would involve less planning and “no stress”.  I was wrong.  The real value of working with you and your company was that you took care of the planning and logistical details so that I could relax and truly enjoy the experience.  More importantly, you developed the itinerary that was perfect for our family – it had the right mix of safari experiences. We saw the bush country from the most rustic to the most regal of venues.  You put us in a position to not only observe wildlife but to understand its habitat and the impact of human interaction in some of the most remote areas in the world.  We all learned so much from you and Rawana.  For most of my life, I have enjoyed the outdoors and thought I knew how to appreciate the environment and all that was going on around me.  Little did I know how much I was missing.  You exposed us to a whole new dimension of “nature awareness” and I now have a greater respect for what is going on in “the bush” when I walk in the outdoors.

Your expertise in guiding us was complimented with the superb hospitality that Rawana offered in every bush camp.  You guys are the perfect team and provided an experience for our family that is unmatched in our 20 years of family adventure travel.  The staff and other amenities were superior.  Rawana has a unique ability to sense the energy and attitude of the group. Our meals and tented camp experience were amazing.  Each one off my children commented that this was not like any camping we’ve done before.  It was over the top in every respect. Every member of our family felt a personal connection to both you and Rawana and as a result, they feel as though you are part of our family.

Ant your knowledge of the area politics, the history, the flora, the fauna as well as tracking techniques and “bush” methods was incredible.  But nothing was more memorable than to hear you talk to the animals.  You have a complete repertoire of animal calls that can’t leave our memories.  We constantly try to replicate the sounds and can only laugh at our feeble attempts.  It doesn’t matter because we can enjoy the memories of you calling mongoose, wart hogs, lions, elephants and hyena so we could enjoy seeing the animals from a close distance.  We have a new perspective on the examination of “poop” and want you to know that we think of you every time we see a pile of scat.  Who would believe us??

You and Rawana have a special gift and we are thankful that we have had the opportunity to spend time with you both in the bush.  When we left you in the airport, you said: “tell your friends to come to Zimbabwe – it’s magical”.  That comment has stuck with us all and we believe that our time with you was magical.  In looking back on the trip, we were incredibly fortunate with so many unique animal sightings.  Lions in Gonarezhou, painted hunting dogs in Malilangwe, baboon spider, puff adder and more.  We feel as though we got more out of a two week trip in the bush than many people see in multiple safaris over a 10 year period.  This isn’t just luck – it’s the benefit of having a superb guide who really knows the bush!

Re-entry into the States was difficult.  We were all depressed about leaving you and Rawana and immediately began discussing the next trip – where we need to go and what new adventures you could find for us.  There is no way I could ever thank you enough for the joy that you brought to our family.  You promised a great trip but you delivered a memory that will last a lifetime.  Please know that not a day goes by where at least one of us has the brief day dream around our trip with Private Guided Safaris – that one moment that provides each of us some pleasure, joy and optimism for the coming of a new day.  It’s like a sundowner where we had the time to reflect on a day in the bush and watch those incredible African sunsets – the art of God --- perfection.

You have changed our lives for the better and we are all grateful.  You’ve opened our minds and our eyes to have a greater appreciation for all that nature has to offer.  You’ve taught us the importance of conservation.  And best of all, you’ve given us a new friendship that we will value forever.  We miss you and hope you will come visit us soon.  Our home is open to you at any time.  Please stay in touch and let us know of your adventures.  Zimbabwe is magical and so was our experience with you.

All the best.

Martin, Judith, Abigail, Caroline, George, Charlie St. Quinton United Kingdom - August 2010



Thank you for such a wonderful trip.  We loved your camp at Gonarezhou - the walks, the fishing, sitting by the camp fire in the evening looking at the stars.  Pamushana scored a real hit with the kids who obviously appreciate a bit of luxury! I know Martin was thrilled to play Leopard Rock and will probably be already boasting about this to his golfing friends. Just trying to adjust to life back at home, and missing the bush, and the tranquility of Rob and Jos'
 camp at Gorongosa...

You took very good care of us and I don't think you could have taught us more about how animals and plants survive together in those wild beautiful places.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge will be the things we will remember most.

Hope you are enjoying a few days break and that your next trip goes well.  It was lovely to spend time with you both, and thank you again, we had a great time. 

Anton-Pieter Duffhuis, Representative of the East Africa Wild Life Society for Switzerland - May 2010



Dear Ant & Rawana,

Next to the official thank you a personal note from my side.

This is a safari I hadn’t experienced for many years. Good walks, lots of new things to learn, beautiful scenery and some good laughs. Not to mention Rawana’s cooking and perfect service of your staff.

It really was a memorable experience and I have spread the worth that for a real life safari you are the couple to get involved with.

Over more than 25 years I have visited the national parks of East and Southern Africa. But over all those years I never met a person such as Anthony Kaschula, a superb organiser and guide for our one week hiking safari in the Gonarezhou National Park of Zimbabwe. During our walks we had several close encounters with animals but Ant (short name) was always in control of the situation. Besides knowing all the animals and birds by name, and especially being able to copy all their sounds and whistles, his knowledge about the trees and plants is even more astonishing. After a few days on our hiking tour we were taught so much about the bush life that we felt we could survive on our own.

Ola Rampf and Greg Thoma - Germany 

March 2010




If you're looking for the real deal, Rawana and Ant are the go-to guys! From knee deep barefooted swamp walks to a lovely sunset game drive. From digging out a three tonne Landcruiser shortly before dark, to enjoying an ice cold Zambezi while catching a Tigerfish.

The variety these two offer is as big and wild as it can possibly get impressed and shattered at the same moment as a herd of wild dogs makes a kill right in front of your eyes,...get so close to elephants you've never heard your heart pound so loud,...listen to Ant imitating animals,...get quizzed on leafs, bushes and trees,...or just sit by the camp fire and laugh your lungs out.

The passion for the bush and the kindness we experienced were overwhelming and made our trip unforgettable. We can only recommend Rawana and Ant to anybody looking for a fun and interesting holiday among friends while feeling safe with a pro guide who defends a tin pot with his life...

Thanks again!

Charles Hanemann - USA




Anthony is one of the finest wilderness guides worldwide.  He has planned and led several trips for me over the past 10 years.  Most recently, he took me and my wife on a magical trip through the Zimbabwe lowveld (including Gonarezhou and the Save Valley Conservancy) through the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, and into Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.  The experience exceeded expectations.  We learned so much about the bush and the countries we visited from Ant.  Travelling with him is like having a private zoologist
and adventure guide in one.  I would go anywhere with Ant and trust him completely. 

Betty (Elizabeth) Roberts - USA

July 2009





I just wrote you a great letter about how much we loved our trip with you and how much I have learned and how the experience has changed my thinking about several things, and I lost it. I don't think I can write it again. Nevertheless, I will be thinking about the trip in so many different ways I am sure for the rest of my life.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Elinor Roberts - USA

June 2009




 I want to let you know how amazing our trip was. Friends keep asking me whether it was what I expected, but honestly, I had no idea what to expect. East Africa blew me away as being an utterly mysterious and magical place that I hope to visit again and again at different points in my life. On the way to the airport I cried because I was so sad for our trip to be over.

It was funny because after we said goodbye to you and arrived at the airport, my mom, Alex, and I were all like sheep without a shepherd! We didn't know what to do with ourselves without you and almost couldn't make it to the bathroom on our own. Somehow we managed to eventually get our bearings.

I've been making myself kinyeji tea in the mornings, which is a nice reminder of the trip and makes me feel like I'm incorporating a little bit of Africa into my everyday life.

When I told my oldest sister about you and about the Dutch family with the 2 boys whom you organized the workbooks for, she got very excited about taking her 4 sons on a trip with you once they're a little older. So hopefully you'll still be guiding then and you can manage all of them, as they're a bit of a handful!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you how fun it was trekking with you the last day, exhausting as it was. The highlight was when you handed me the walking stick to climb the last monumentous stretch up to the lodge, at which point we were both hilariously giddy.

My mom, Alex, and I are all serious about wanting to have you and Rawana stay with us if you're ever in Washington, DC or in New York again. It would be a real pleasure to have you and to return some on your hospitality.

I hope you're doing well and recovering from our company!

Werner-Paul Boerma - Amsterdam

December 2008



I would recommend Anthony without any reservation to anyone looking to do safari in Africa. I did both some easy walks with the family in Kenya as well as the trip of a life time: eight days of walking safari in Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. Anthony makes the difference. On the one hand he is an energetic and driven person who knows what he is doing, paying attention to detail. On the other he seems to know everything about insects, plants, trees and, of course, big game and knows how to tell it.


Trey Cefalu - USA

March 2009




Ant, Thanks for another great trip. Hard to believe we have done two within the last year. Your knowledge, passion and sense of adventure creates a unique experience. I look forward to many future trips as well as having you meet my sons.

Stephen & Marilyn Krupnick- USA

October 2008


On a scale of 1 to 10 we would have to rate the trip a 40!  Without Ant it would have been a 9.  He met us at the airport and was with us throughout our entire two week trip.  His knowledge of all things "Kenyan" was astounding, and it was like having a college professor on our trip who could answer virtually any question thrown his way.  I couldn't imagine having a nicer, more polite, more attentive, and better informed guide than Ant.  We're already planning our next trip to Africa, and of course Ant will be leading the way.

Seth and Molly Hirschel, New York City -

July 2008




We had such a wonderful time on our honeymoon - the itinerary was fantastic, but the company and the guiding were the best part.
Thank you so much Ant!  Rawana, thank you for all the logistics and for making the time to come visit us and see us off in Nairobi.
We are still on cloud 9 from the honeymoon and will not only make it back to Africa ourselves, but with the help of these pictures, we'll be sending more people your way!

Nan Rosenstein - USA




If you are only going to Africa once in your lifetime, you owe it to yourself to go with Ant! I’ve now travelled with Ant three times, for a total of 8 weeks. We’ve been to Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Cape Town, Kenya, Zanzibar and Rwanda. We’ve stayed in a variety of camps from simple mobile tented camps to luxury settings. In each camp, the food and service were excellent and the facilities very comfortable. 


When you’re on safari with Ant, you’re going to learn a lot about mammals, birds, bugs, reptiles, trees, grasses - and some of the local issues. Nothing runs beneath his radar. His enthusiasm for all things African is positively infectious. You can be up early in the morning and out again late in the afternoon, sometimes ‘til long after dark. You may miss some meals – but he will find what you’re looking for!


Finally, when you travel with Ant, you will find that he is extremely sensitive to your needs. There is no detail he overlooks in trying to make sure that you are comfortable. We have sometimes speculated that he reads our minds!


Actually, if you travel in Africa with Ant, you will, without a doubt, make another trip with him!

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